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                                               Jackie Popp        
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I am a Professional Artist

If you can't pay don't bother me
Yes I can make what you want.
Pay me with pay pal invoices.
On time by emails
This is my work at home business.
I thank everybody for stopping by
Be Spacific on what you want. I need full contact information. I am Happy to do customer support.

Winnie the pooh

The set like this will be $50.00
they are 12" tall made to order

HI I teach crochet and knitting classes at
Hobby Lobby on Wednesdays 10 am.
Click for more information. 
Beginning Classes in Fort Smith
Sewing, crochet,knitting, looming,
Email me for more information

Sewing for Beginners

Rag Dolls

Rag Dolls
Will not look exacly alike
Your choice of colors
12"  $15.99
I have the pattern
 I can put a name on the star.

Amigurumi By Jackie Popp
Email me to order Please.
Pay me with email invoice pay pal
I can make all kinds of critters and toys
and dolls
I also make banners and logos for $12.00 Email me.

Baby Outfits

Sweet baby outfits for newborns
a set like this is $25.99.
Send me a email with photo and information Pay with Pay pal invoice. Order very early

Amigurumi Mickey Mouse
I  can make dolls as big as 20"
They will run about $35.99 + Shipping and Tax 0.925%

Comfort Blankets

Comfort Blankets for any size person
I can also make hats
$25.99 a set

Amigurumi Yorkies and Dogs

Amigurumi Pikachu

4" Pikachu
Crochet by me

Hello Kitty

6 " Hello Kitty
Crochet by Me


I make all kinds of toys and dolls
and critters. Yes I can probably make it for you; pay with
 pay pal invoice time of order

Amigurumi by Jackie Popp

These are door hangers
I also have curtain tie back monkies for home decor


Pokemon Amigurumi

Most of the
4" - 20"
I can do bulk orders.
30 to 60 days. Paid in full.

Hopper in pencils Commission Art

Commision Pets Art
In Pencils or pen and inks from photos
This is Hopper our tea cup Yorkie I did yrs ago
$55.99 Paper or canvans
Matt and frames not included in price
Shipping and tax not included

30 to 60 days start to finish it takes a long time to do art work and I need Clear Detailed photo
Paid in full before I do any work.

Amigurumi Poodles

I have this pattern
$15.99 each
Your choice of colors

One of my Orders yes the poodles
this has the yarn fur


I have tons of patterns
If you have one show me.