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wall clocks 3drose
 on Amazon $34.99

I do not ship from home they are in online shops.
Launching my new book coloring book this week! March 15th 2016!
To order one you pay me with pay pal to my email box 
Once the payment goes through I will send the book to you in email
I don't have a download yet one thing at a time keep it simple first!
Put in subjet line ebook or printed book
Ebooks are $5.00  Printed are $12.00 cost of ink and paper
sent snail mail shipping and tax sent in the $5.99 box USA
Overseas you pay all fees.
on printer paper sized to 8 x 10 and the images are nice 7 x 7
If your ebook doesn't upload to your androids send me a email and I will send you a zip file by email or print you out on 100lb card stock paper and snail mail it to you. To make things right  Do not use on glossy papersor laser printed.
We have a local group that wants to color
We meet Friday nights at Books a Million in Fort Smith

Shipping prices are subject to change per post office rules.
I can do commison art work in pencils or pen & inks  send me a email  please (see ART pg)
Prices depend on sizes and not till you pay me send a clear detail photo no nudes,buildings or people.

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 My Art
 coloring book in Amazon
I am now a self publisher
I now have a software package to help you make your books, I do not print them the company does I use.
You hire me and pay me upfront. Send me at least 20 images and I use my software program to upload and pdf and create your books.
Are you a writer or artist tired of getting rejected? Well no more.
You send me all information and you have to have a pay pal account and bank number. I do not steal or sell information. I will be in big trouble plus I don't know how.
You will get to approve your previews and have the last say of everything I do. I do not work with rude people. No refunds
In return you will have a ebook, soft cover or hard cover book, or a magazine. 
I will do customer support with you and I can teach you how to do this and have a at home biz where you can make some money,
Even on social security.
I am here to help.
Yes my coloring books are selling and I love my software program.
So hire me and let me help you.  Thanks

I will be glad to teach you what I know, and if you want coloring books I can get them in publishing places or teach you how I know how to network market and other eshops so that you can sell your art, photos or books.
My fee is $25.00 send me a email.
Or I can do the work for you for $25.00
 But I get a 10% fee off per book sold.
 It took me a month to learn it it's not a scam. I enjoy helping others.
And pay me first with pay pal.
I have been doing this stuff for 12+ years.  I am willing to help you.  I can not work outside my home. age 60.
 There are no refunds  If you do not get your ebook on your androids I will email you one or print you off one and mail it to you.. I use  the honor system. No promisies if your books do not sell I am not in control of that
I now have a Publisher's Software Package to make all kinds of books with, From E books to Wedding Books,
Even Magazines.  What I will do is you hire me to make your books after you pay with pay pal, Once I receive payment from you I can start working on your books you need at least 20 photos. I will send you a preview of what I have done for you and you can finish paying me or pay all. I don't cheat. Or steal  I will then put them online pdf ebooks ect and in publishing sites that sells.
Are you a writer or write poetry no problme, no more rejections from publishers either.  I do not print the books, I upload them to publishing sites like Amazon.
Coloring books in Lulu
  Create space book

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Jackie's Adult coloring books
Ebook emailed
My coloring book

My coloring book is now in
Amazon Kindle for sale around the world. My first book published.

Jackie's Adult coloring books
Is what it looks like inside
32 colorful pages greyscale
Click the cover to order it.
Thank You!

Tote bags 3drose
Tote Bags
@ Amazon $22.99


coloring book
codeb1 Cd
 shipped $6.00+ tax
will shipped over seas

Coasters at 3drose

Coasters @ 3drose

cat mug at 3drose
Cat mugs @ 3drose

Falcon pillow

Falcon Pillow
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My cat troubles pencil holders

Pencil Holders
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Zippered pouches @ red bubble

key chains 

Key Chains

mouse pads

Mouse Pads




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Note Books @ 3drose

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Coffee Gift Baskets

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Sweat Shirts

T Shirts


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I Pod Cases



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Canvas Prints


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Quilt Blocks 3 d rose

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